Beware of Liquidity Services Inc.

Have you ever looked into Liquidity Services online? Have you been enticed by their offers? Maybe you even purchased something from them at one point or another.

Quite some time ago, I was doing sales on Ebay. I would buy bulk lots of items from different websites and re-sell them on Ebay for a profit. I came across and kept close watch on the auctions. There were so many deals that showed up with what looked like great product for a great price.

One specific auction hit my eye. It was for a bulk lot of computer games and they were HOT titles at the time. Knowing how well they would sell, I began placing bids on the lot. I did read the manifest and the description for the item that I was bidding on. There were 2 sets of games that Liquidity Services stated were “Store Returns”. Being a computer geek and knowing that these games were pretty graphic intensive, I figured that the games were returned due to user error, PC compatibility issues, etc.

As the auction was coming to an end, I started bidding higher. When you bid on items at, the auction end time will go up by a few minutes if a bid is placed toward the end of the auction.  Someone was outbidding me but that was fine. I knew how much I was willing to spend and still make a profit. I ended up winning the auction and paying around $300 which was not a bad price.

About a week goes by and the package shows up . I open it up and all the packaging was still in great condition. I ran a test on a couple of the games and all seemed well. I began putting the games up on Ebay and running occasional tests on the games prior to shipping them out.

A few days later, I get an e-mail from one of my customers about one of the games. As mentioned, there were 2 sets of games and the one I received a complaint about was the lower end game. I had the customer return it and I issued a refund.

About a week later, I receive the return and pop it in my computer to run a test. Low and behold, the disc was empty. No data on it at all. I then began testing all the games and found that the majority that had the same title were all BLANK! Luckily, the higher end, higher priced games all turned out to be good and I ended up making most of my money back on those sales.

I contacted Liquidity services thinking that there was some kind of mistake and asked if I cold return them because the discs were no better than a table coaster! I was told that I could not return them and that all auctions are FINAL! What great customer service! NOT!

When I got that response from them, I began doing some research on the internet. I should have done that prior to buying something from this company but the bargain was too good to pass up. My research turned up thousands of other people with the same issues as mine. I even read about a lady who bought a bulk lot of jewelry. The auction description stated that some of it was costume jewelry but promised that over 50% of it was real. The lady ended up spending over $2,000 on the lot and when she received it, all the jewelry was PLASTIC! She called the company and received the same song and dance that I did. Auctions are final, no returns! How this company is allowed to get away with this is beyond me! Take a look at this link from Ripoff Report and see how many people this company has SCAMMED :

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