Beware of the Acai Max Cleanse Scam

If you have been on the internet much lately, you have no doubt seen ads for this “miracle” cleansing product, Acai Max Cleanse. The internet has been plastered with these ads! Be on the lookout as scammers are always looking at the latest craze to fill their pockets. The are constantly setting up new sites and advertising these products. They constantly switch websites to keep people from searching for a specific site and finding out that the site is associated with a scam. These sites often offer “free” trials and hard to cancel re-occurring orders that are charged to your credit card. Sure, the product itself might work well but its the unethical sales methods used by scammers that are causing problems. The Aci Berry scam is just one of the many similar scams out there today.

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Another problem with this scam is that the scammers set up multiple fake “review” sites for the product, telling people how wonderful it is and even set up their own scam based sites telling people that it is not a scam and to check out the product. These pages link you into the sales page offering “Free Trials”…guess what, they are not actually free!

Here is how it gets you. You go to look at the Acai Max Cleanse product and they offer a “free” sample. The order page states that you have to pay for shipping and its usually only $3-$5. Most people fall for it at that point. Whats the risk right? Only $3..most people can afford that. What happens next is within about 15 days, you see a charge on your card ranging anywhere from $100 up to a few hundred dollars. WAIT, what happened to the $3 free sample? Well, hidden in their “visible” terms is a statement saying that if you do not cancel within 14 days, you will be charged the full amount for that order and all other auto orders you are now placed on. And, no surprise, they make it extremely difficult to contact them. Many times they will not even ship your order until that 14 days is up!

Say you do catch on and cancel and through some miracle, you actually get an Acai Max Cleanse operator on the line. Many times they will tell you verbally that your subscription is cancelled. Can you guess what happens next? In another month, you get another supply of Acai Max Cleanse. You are left with little to no recourse because the cancellation was done verbally, nothing in writing, no email, no proof at all. Some people get left with up to $400 in charges before all is said and done.

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Looking for Real Acai Berry?

So, where to you get the real Acai Berry supplement without falling into a scam like this. It’s pretty easy. Just go online and check out GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe. Both are very reputable companies that have actual store fronts and will ship online without getting stuck into the Aci Berry scam.

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