When surfing the internet lately, you have no doubt seen ads plastered everywhere for this “miracle” skin therapy product called “Auravie Ultimate Skin Therapy”. In most cases, the ad shows some old wrinkly person in before picture, then another picture of the same person looking 20 years younger.

Curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the link to see what this product was all about. The websites pushing the product call it a miracle anti-aging compound that can make you look years younger in 14 days. Many have time lapse photos of someone using the product though a 14 day period, looking younger with each passing day.

Sounds great right? Well, the deal “appears” to get even better! At the bottom of the page, you are promised a “free 30 day supply” of AuraVie Ultimate Skin Therapy if you use a promo code and pay only $2.95 for shipping. They also recommend getting another product called “Kollagen Intensiv” which they say is only $4.95 shipping for your “free trial” order. Can you really get these so called “miracle” products together for around $8?

I then did a Google search for “AuraVie” and came across a bunch of websites stating that the company is a ripoff and a scam due to the way they charge their customers. In looking into the details on these sites, customers who take advantage of this “free trial” end up paying more than $8…in fact, its A LOT MORE!

I decided to go to the order page and see how the company gets away with promising customers this great low price, then turns around and charges way more than they promised. Here is what I found out. First, I put in some fake info to get to the order page showing the totals. Sure enough, they show a total of $4.95:
Misleading Auravie Order Page

Looks good right? The page shows your $4.95 total and an estimated arrival date! Now they want you to click on the GIANT blue button to proceed with your order. Why is that button SO BIG? Well, its because they are attempting to mask what is below the button in fine print! Here is what is below that big  blue button:

Auravie Misleading Order Fine PrintNotice something a little funny there? Their “Satisfaction Guarantee” says that when you place the order, your are free to try it for 10 days and if you do not cancel with that 10 days, you will be charged $97.88. Also, you “agree” to be enrolled in their “VIP” program for 6 months where they will ship you a monthly supply of Auravie Ultimate Skin Therapy every month for this great “low” price?

So, what happened to this “free” 30 day supply and this “free trial”? Well, it is a “free” 3o day supply if you cancel within 10 days and becomes a $97.88 supply after 10 days. Also, what happens if you try to refund your order after noticing that charge on your credit card? I cannot speak first hand but many reports I have read say that when people call customer service to request a refund after noticing the charge, the company hides behind its “Terms & Conditions” and refuses to issue refunds. There are also multiple reports of people being treated rudely by members of the customer service team for Auravie Ultimate Skin Therapy. Again, I cannot speak first hand on this but the multiple rants online from a variety of different customers all seem to point to the same issues. There are also many other beauty products being sold online that follow the same deceptive practices. I recently wrote a new one on Pro Lash that you can read here.

So, if you have been looking into this product, make sure you read the fine print below their order page before making any moves. If you want to see a list of all dissatisfied customers, check it out on RipoffReport.

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