AdArmor Fake Antivirus – Manual Removal

What is AdArmor?

AdArmor disguises itself as a malware removal tool. Once your PC gets infected with AdArmor, it pops up alerts telling you that spyware has been detected even if the infected PC is totally clean of viruses and malware. Like most other fake antivirus programs, it will complete its scan, tell you it found all kinds of malware and viruses and ask you to pay to remove them. Don’t do it! Chances are, your PC is fine.

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AdArmor Removal Steps:

  1. Remove the quick launch icon from your start menu: Click on the start menu button and you will see an AdArmor icon. Right click the icon and go to “Properties” to ensure you are removing the right icon. The icon will normally point to this location: “Ad ArmorAdArmor.exe”. Right click and select delete to remove the quick launch icon after you verify
  1. Remove the startup entries using msconfig or HitMan Pro
  • Click on your start menu and select the “Run” icon
  • Type msconfig in the run prompt
  • Click the “Startup” tab
  • Uncheck “Ad Armor” – points to “Ad ArmorAdArmor.exe”
  • Uncheck “Ad Armor Monitor” – points to “Ad ArmorAdArmor_monitor.exe”
  • Uncheck “AdArmor.exe Monitor” and pointing to “Ad ArmorAdArmor_Monitor.exe”
  1. Remove the following files and folders using Windows Explorer

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  • The file at “Ad ArmorAdArmor Monitor.lnk”
  • The file at “Ad ArmorAdArmor.lnk”
  • The file at “Ad ArmorUninstall.lnk”
  • The file at “Ad ArmorAdArmor.dll”
  • The file at “Ad ArmorAdArmor.exe”
  • The file at “Ad ArmorAdArmor_Monitor.exe”
  • The file at “Ad ArmorAdArmor_Updater.exe”
  • The file at “Ad Armordatabase.dat”
  • The file at “Ad ArmorUninstall.exe”
  • The file at “Ad Armorwhitelist.dat”
  • The file at “AdArmor.lnk”
  • The directory at “Ad Armor”
  • The directory at “Ad Armor”
  • The directory at “Ad ArmorQuarantine”
  1. Remove AdArmor from the Windows Registry
  • Click on the Windows Start Menu and select “Run”
  • Type regedit and select “OK”
  • Delete the registry key “Ad Armor” at “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware”

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Note: There are some files associated with AdArmor that have random names and cannot be described here. To ensure full removal of AdArmor, make sure to run a scan with HitMan Pro after following the above steps.

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