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As an online marketer who is involved in MLM and affiliate marketing, I recently looked into a company called MLM Lead Specialist as a method of generating leads for a great MLM program I am involved in. I can tell you first hand that I have had some pretty good experiences thus far.  I am not one of those people submitting a positive review just to earn extra income as I have personally used MLM Lead Specialist and can tell you my numbers to date. I will first go over the details of what they offer then tell you what I have personally purchased and my results to date.

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About MLM Lead Specialist

I ran across MLM Lead Specialist while searching for a way to generate leads for various MLM programs as I have been involved in affiliate and MLM marketing for some time.

MLM Lead Specialist has a variety of leads you can choose from depending on your specific budget. Here is an explanation of the lead types you can purchase.

MLM Lead Specialist – Lead Types

    1. Exclusive Leads: These are probably the best converting leads as they are freshly interviewed leads and are sold only once! That means you are the exclusive contact for the leads interest. The downside is the cost if you are on  a limited budget. The cost ranges from $4.00 to $6.20 per lead.

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    2. Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads: These leads visit a website managed by MLM Lead Specialist and fill out a form with their interest to start a home business. The prospect is then contacted by a telemarketer from MLM Lead Specialist to verify their info. Once the telemarketer determines the prospects interest, the lead info is sent to your management console. You receive the leads physical address, phone number and email address. There are multiple lead types you can purchase depending on your market area (Untargeted, health related, legal related or telecommunication).  Depending on your choice, the lead price ranges from $2.10 to $3.00 per lead.
    3. Network Marketing Leads: These are leads interested in network marketing opportunities. You can choose from re-directed leads, real time premium leads or area code/state targeted leads. Costs range from $2.00 to $6.00 per lead. When purchasing the leads, you receive the leads full contact info including physical address.
    4. Re-Directed Leads: These leads fill out a form on a website by MLM Lead Specialist expressing interest in starting a home based business. The lead is then re-directed to your website that contains your presentation and sales page. You also receive the leads full contact info including physical address. Lead prices range from $2 to $4.

  1. Double Opt-in Leads: These leads visit a page managed by MLM Lead Specialist and fill out a form expressing interest in a home based business or MLM opportunity. The leads are then verified a 2nd time via filling out a form again or via e-mail contact confirming their interest. Once the lead is verified a 2nd time, they qualify as a double opt-in lead. You can purchase untargeted leads or targeted leads by area code/state. These is one of the best options for your money. Prices range from $0.84 to $1.60 per lead. When purchasing the leads, you receive the prospects full contact information including physical address.

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  2. Real Time Premium Short Form Leads: These leads visit a page managed my MLM Lead Specialist and fill out a form expressing interest in a home business or MLM opportunity. You can purchase untargeted leads or leads targeted by area code/state. The price for these leads is quite low but because they are not double verified by MLM Lead Specialist. That is not a bad thing though. As with all leads provided by MLM Lead Specialist, if you follow up with a lead and get a wrong phone number or a bounced e-mail address, you can mark it as a bad lead. Once MLM Lead Specialist verifies that it is bad, they give you another lead for free to replace the bad one. The prices on these are very good and range from $0.60 to $1.15 per lead.
  3. Discounted Leads: There are some discounted leads available from MLM Lead Specialist. These are leads are either aged leads that may have been contacted by other members or leads that simply filled out a form expressing interest in an MLM opportunity. The cost for these leads start out at only $0.24 per lead. Not a bad price. I have not personally tried any of these yet but may do so in the future.

My Results with MLM Lead Specialist

I had came across MLM Lead Specialist while looking for a way to find targeted leads when I was an associate for LegalShield. Not knowing what I was doing, I made my first purchase of 20 untargeted real time network marketing leads for $50. In following up with the leads, I did get through to some and left voice mails for the majority of the others.

With the LegalShield MLM that I was involved in, there are some states that require special licensing requirements to sell the plans. I ended up with 4 good leads but 2 were in licensed states. So, out of the 20, I had 2 good ones and would have had more had I taken the licensing into account. Even with 2 out of 20, it was a great involvement as I only spent $50 and can make up to $150 for a new associate recruit. Now that I knew a little more, I decided to go for the area code/state targeted leads. This allows you to target up to 5 area codes or 5 states. I did some research to find states that had the highest unemployment rates making sure to exclude those that require licenses for LegalShield.

My next purchase was for 50 double opt in leads for $80, all of which were targeted for 5 specific states. After making the first 10 calls, I received 2 more good leads. I still have many others to follow up with. All in all, I think that this is actually a great system for generating leads for your online business.

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Keep this in mind though. In the beginning, you are going to be hungry for leads and you will want to receive them as soon as possible. That is not the best move with MLM Lead Specialist unless you purchase the exclusive leads. Here is why. Many of their leads are real time leads. This means that when they are delivered to you, they are fresh. After 24 hrs, that lead is sold again and becomes one of the discounted 24 hr old leads. After another 24 hrs, that lead is sold again and becomes an aged lead. So, if you wait longer than 24 hrs, chances are that the lead may have been contacted by someone else. When you purchase leads, you have the option of setting how many leads to deliver to you per day. Make sure to choose a setting that you can keep up with (5 leads, 10 leads, etc.). If you choose to deliver all 50, you get them quick. Usually within a couple hours. If you are an online business marketer, make sure to check out this company using the banner below. Keep in mind the types of leads I have explained prior to making your purchase:

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