Most major search engines give more importance to a website that has more sites linking back to it. If you increase your website backlinks, Google, Bing and most other major search engines assume that your site is more important that other sites that do not have many backlinks. When you come across a good website that you like, what do you do? You normally share that website with others via posts, Facebook, feedback forms, online forums, etc. When search engines crawl these sites, they will see the backlinks that have been posted to other websites which will in turn cause the search engines to give the site a higher ranking because it knows that if others are sharing a link, the site must have useful content. When you work to increase your website backlinks, its one of the best things you can do to get your site to rank higher on all major search engines.

How to Increase Your Website Backlinks

You can manually increase your website backlinks with a variety of methods. This is a good start if you are on a low budget. There is a really great automated backlink tool that I will discuss later, but for now, lets focus on the manual methods.

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  • Participate in online forums – Most forums allow you to create a personal profile that will show up in the signature block on your posts. Create your signature block with a link to your website. Don’t just go into the forums and post your link in the content. That is a bad way to increase your website backlinks. Not only is it bad practice, but it could get you in trouble for posting SPAM. Make sure you find a forum that is related to your product or service and post a useful form entry about the topic being discussed. Don’t use something like “this is a great site” just to get your signature out there. Chances are that the form admin will remove those anyway.
  • Write Articles or Press Releases About Your Product – There are a number of E-Zine sites out there that will allow you to post articles. You can post articles to these sites to increase your website backlinks. Make sure to write quality articles or they will get rejected. Most only allow one link in the body and one link in your signature block. Take a look at this site with recommended Ezines you can use to increase your website backlinks. Here are a few examples:
  1. Ezine-Universe
  2. eZINESearch
  4. John Labovitz’s e-zine-list
  5. Suite
  7. Ezined
  8. EzineArticles
  9. ListChannel
  10. Jogena’s Ezine Directory
  • Buy Backlinks on high PR related websites – There is a great website to use to increase your website backnlinks. You can buy one way links from high PR sites. Most are around $30 year and some even give a lifetime blog entry. The site I use is Warrior Marketing Forum. You will see a section on the forum that says “Buy, sell, trade”. You can find many posts in that area where people are willing to sell backlinks. You can also list a “Want to Buy” post that explains that you want to buy a backlink related to your product or service.

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  • Post Comments on Blogs – You can find many blogs out there related to your product or service. Posting comments to those Blogs is a great way to increase your website backlinks. Don’t SPAM the comments. Most comments are moderated and if you just put some crappy comment on there, the moderator will reject it. That will NOT increase your website backlinks and could get you on a SPAM list. Put some info in there that contributes to the blog and put your website link under your profile and not in the main body of your comment.

Automated Backlinking Software

There is some great software out there that can automate your backlink posting and increase your website backlinks in minutes. They do cost a little money but think about this. How much time is it going to take you to go through all methods I discussed above to post a few backlinks a day? How much is your time worth? Also, if you use one of these tools, you can get your page to the 1st page of Google with little effort which will result in more sales. That being said, I came across a great tool that is worth taking a look at:

SEO Link Monster Image - Increase Your Website Backlinks


Before I go into the last method of increasing your website backlinks, I need to caution you about SPAM! Many people who are excited to get their link out there just go out and post their link to sites, forums, etc. without providing any useful content. BAD IDEA. This can get your website blacklisted for SPAM and may also get you fined for posting SPAM links. Your hosting provider may also cancel your website hosting account if they get complaints. When increasing your website backlinks, DO NOT SPAM WHAT SO EVER!!

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