Zeekler and Zeek Rewards Closes Headquarters

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Zeekler and Zeek Rewards Closes Headquarters

As of noon today, 8/17/2012, the company, Rex Venture, that runs Zeekler and ZeekRewards has closed its headquarters.  Signs posted on the companies building say that they will be closed for the following but only time will tell.

Zeekler and Zeek rewards were the websites behind popular penny auctions. In order to participate in the auctions, a person would have to buy penny bids for $1 each. Affiliates for the company made money by selling bids and many people made some significant income as a result. Reports indicate that there were around 700,000 affilaites for Zeek and ZeekRewards, all of whom will be impacted by this closure.

The closure stems from many complaints to the BBB and Attorney Generals office. The BBB reports over 20,000 inquiries filed against the company within the last 30 days. Someone speaking on behalf of Zeek stated that the closure was necessary to answer inquires from the Attorney General so that does leave the possibility that Zeek will re-open its doors. At this point, the company is not officially closing down.

If you have tried to visit Zeeler.com or ZeekRewards.com since this action has been taken, you will see a message stating that the websites are currently unavailable and that more information will be posted to their website in the coming days.

I was thinking of joining Zeek in the last couple months and am glad I did not take the jump. I did have a lot of contacts that work with affiliate marketing and many were making around $1k per month. 

While doing research into the closure, I did find that there is a new company doing a pre-launch that promises better commissions than Zeek. I went ahead and joined just to see where it goes. If you were a Zeek customer and would like to take part in this pre-launch, you can join for free by following these steps:

1. Visit http://bidxcel.com/

2. Use my referral user name: memog

3. Input my name: Michael Archipley

4. Fill in your personal details