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Pro Lash Deceptive Business Practices

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Watch Out for the Pro Lash Free Trial Pro Lash Deceptive Business Practices Deceptive business practices for beauty products are on the rise. If you follow my blog, you will see that I wrote one similar to this regarding the deceptive practices of AuraVie Ultimate Skin Therapy. It is no surprise to me that Pro […]

Living Well Magazine Advertising Complaints

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Living Well Magazine Advertising – Customer Complaints Beware Advertising in Living Well Magazine When browsing the internet today, I came across a site showing multiple complaints from customers regarding their Living Well Magazine advertising proposal. Many customers are calling it fraud due to their deceptive business practices. Most of these customers that are approached with […]

Acai Max Cleanse Scam

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Beware of the Acai Max Cleanse Scam If you have been on the internet much lately, you have no doubt seen ads for this “miracle” cleansing product, Acai Max Cleanse. The internet has been plastered with these ads! Be on the lookout as scammers are always looking at the latest craze to fill their pockets. […]

Misleading Auravie Order Page

Auravie Ultimate Skin Therapy Misleads its Customers

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When surfing the internet lately, you have no doubt seen ads plastered everywhere for this “miracle” skin therapy product called “Auravie Ultimate Skin Therapy”. In most cases, the ad shows some old wrinkly person in before picture, then another picture of the same person looking 20 years younger. Curiosity got the best of me and […]

Beware of Liquidity Services Inc (

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Beware of Liquidity Services Inc. Have you ever looked into Liquidity Services online? Have you been enticed by their offers? Maybe you even purchased something from them at one point or another. Quite some time ago, I was doing sales on Ebay. I would buy bulk lots of items from different websites and re-sell them […]