Bring The Fresh Review

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Bring The Fresh review

If you are looking at this page, chances are that you came across Bring The Fresh and are wondering how well it works. I became a member about a month ago and really like what it has to offer. Let me explain the basic concept and how it works.

About Bring The Fresh

Bring The Fresh offers a variety of tools and methods that can be used to create websites that drive a TON of traffic. Even if you are not an experienced web designer, do not worry. When you enroll, there are many videos you have access to that will guide you through setting up a website. The videos are for everyone from beginners to advanced designers. The basic concept involves doing keyword research using a variety of different tools to find keywords that are high volume but have little competition and a high search volume. You then design a site around those keywords, do a little backlinking and wait for the traffic to start flowing in.

How You Earn Money with Bring The Fresh

Ok…so now you know about creating the website and the content to use but how does that make you money?

When you get the site up and running, you then need to find related affiliate programs and have an AdWords account. You then place ads on the pages of your site using AdWords or put up banners to promote your affiliate program. AdWords is good because it will display ads on the page that are related to you website content. When people click on the ads, you earn money.

Now That You Have Told Me The Secrets, Why The Hell Would I Sign Up?

True, you could just use the information I provided and go out there on your own. You probably won’t have much luck. Bring The Fresh has a variety of tools and training videos available that will walk you through each and every step from start to finish. That is not even the best part!! Bring The Fresh offers access to a member forum once you sign up for the program. This is where the GOLD is!! Google is constantly changing their search algorithms which is very hard to stay on top of. Since they have thousands of members, people are constantly trying new methods and posting their results to the forum. It is not uncommon to see posts from members who have implemented methods provided by BTF or other members of BTF and made $10k or more in a single month!

Try Before You Buy

Want to give it a shot but are not sure if you will like it? Well, check this out!! You can access all tools for 7 days for $7 and if you don’t like it, just cancel and you will not be billed for the remainder. If you like it, you get full access for only $37 for LIFE!!

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